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last changeWed, 19 Nov 2014 16:38:25 +0000
6 days ago Felix Fietkau service: fix ubus list command master
11 days ago Luka Perkov initd: mount cgroup
2014-11-08 Felix Fietkau inittab: clean up tty opening code, fix console shell ...
2014-11-05 John Crispin call setsid during startup.
2014-11-05 John Crispin kmodloader takes longer than wdt timeout
2014-11-05 Steven Barth get_cmdline_val: search for entire name, not just suffix
2014-11-04 Michel Stam procd: Make askconsole work again when no tty is specif ...
2014-11-04 Michel Stam Honour tty field in /etc/inittab
2014-11-01 Steven Barth Revert "Honour tty field in /etc/inittab"
2014-10-31 Steven Barth Fix regression in command line parsing
2014-10-30 John Crispin Log startup/shutdown to console
2014-10-12 John Crispin minor fixes to michels patches
2014-10-12 Michel Stam Honour tty field in /etc/inittab
2014-10-12 Michel Stam Fix ctrl+alt+del support
2014-10-12 Michel Stam Show the shutdown sequence on the active virtual terminal
2014-10-12 Michel Stam Use one generic routine to access /proc/cmdline
6 days ago master