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last changeSat, 3 Oct 2015 08:04:52 +0000
3 days ago Etienne CHAMPETIER Add MS_NODEV MS_NOEXEC MS_NOSUID mount options where ... master
3 days ago Alexander Couzens system: fix undefined behavior in wdt offline check
3 days ago Etienne CHAMPETIER jail: reworks & cleanups
3 days ago Etienne CHAMPETIER jail, seccomp: remove useless root check
3 days ago Etienne CHAMPETIER jail, seccomp: fix typo/improve log prefix
3 days ago Etienne CHAMPETIER add UTRACE_SUPPORT build option
2015-09-15 Daniel Gimpelevich move /dev/shm to /tmp/shm
2015-09-15 Sergiy Kibrik inittab: always proceed to next state
2015-09-15 Günther Kelleter hotplug: add BUTTON to environment vars for timeout ...
2015-08-11 Hauke Mehrtens fix generating syscall-names.h
2015-07-27 John Crispin allow buttons to call delayed timeout actions
2015-07-24 Etienne CHAMPETIER jail: fix jail root folder permissions
2015-07-07 Rafał Miłecki service: if logging start app with LD_PRELOAD ...
2015-07-06 Juliusz Chroboczek Attempt to deal gracefully with allocation failures.
2015-06-20 Felix Fietkau Revert "hotplug: support for interval commands"
2015-06-18 Daniel Gimpelevich fix /dev/shm permissions, this time for real
3 days ago master